Yes, you CAN make money as a webcam model, but it's not...


How many times have you heard pitches like that? Seriously, if that's all there was to it, why would anyone who supposedly has that much money, waste time promoting a "program" for you to join when they could be (according to them) flying around the world on private jets and drinking champagne on the beach?

Making some money with your webcam is very easy...
Making A LOT OF MONEY requires work!

That is a 100% GUARANTEED statement! I'm not offering a get-rich-quick scheme. The bad parts about having a job as a webcam model are not that much different from having a "regular" job. You'll still have to endure rude people (lol...yes, there are rude people on the internet) and you'll still be expected to work hard if you want to earn a living. However, being a webcam model affords several advantages over a traditional job...

Take A Break - Get Settled In

What follows is quite a bit of detailed information about becoming a webcam performer. So if you need to, take a bathroom break, grab a cup of coffee, etc. because I want you to make an informed decision about starting your home-based business.

How To Become A Webcam Performer


I'm too fat... too old... too ugly... handicapped... etc...

A 30-something webcam performer that, for the sake of privacy, I'm going to call "Cami," has had a fantastic amount of clients lined up every time I've ever seen her online. Cami is fat (no disrespect intended), not very good looking (she has a uni-brow and bad teeth), has big, floppy boobs that sit atop her big belly, and in addition to all of that...

Well, let's just say that she's not especially blessed in the intelligence department. Still, Cami does well for herself. She personally greets EVERY person that enters her chat room and doesn't show annoyance at answering the same questions over and over for new arrivals (like a "smart" person would). In short, she just knows how to be a good host. Cami does well despite her disability, but also because of it!

Where I live, there is a series of television commercials that feature the owner of a network of car dealerships who appears to be a complete doofus. In spite of the fact that the guy has a pronounced speech impediment and wears white sunglasses that look like they came from the children's section at a dollar store, he's owned multiple car dealerships across the region for decades!

What do these two have in common? They have both learned that being concerned about embarassment is much less important than making money! You see, we "smart" people let our fear of rejection stop us from succeeding!

Yes, Cami is overweight and not very pretty, but that doesn't keep her from making money at home. Using the world-wide reach of the internet, she's found guys who have a thing for overweight girls with bushy eyebrows... Guys who are willing to pay for it!

In the world of adult webmastering we refer to this interest in specifics as, "Niche" marketing. On the heavy side? We have a niche for that. Retired grandmother? We have a niche for that too. Small breasts? No problem. Physical deformity or disability? Not only is that NOT a problem, it can actually make you a lot of money!

I'll say it again... If you have a physical deformity or disability, you can make A LOT of money with webcams! This is a niche that is IN CONSTANT NEED of new talent! Being a disabled webcam model is a great way to turn what may have been a negative into a positive!

Granted, cute, skinny girls can make a lot of money with webcams, but have you ever heard the saying, "There's someone for everyone?" In the GLOBAL scope of the webcam business, there is someone, somewhere, that will be highly turned on by some aspect of yourself that you hate!

Straight men can't make money with webcams...

Wrong! Of course, most of the people who are looking at a man's cam (and are willing to pay for it) will be gay or bisexual men because it's just a fact that men spend way more money on webcam sites than women. But please don't try to fool people by pretending to be gay, it just won't work. Ever heard of "Gaydar?" You'll do better for yourself by being yourself. Why? Well...

It's relatively unknown to straight guys, but among gay men there's a definitely a segment that fantasizes about "turning" non-gays. So, (pardon the pun) just play it straight.


"How much does it cost to sign up?"


While you may want to invest in a good webcam, etc., there is NO FEE for signing up and NO FEES for remaining an associate!

"How much money can I make?"

$14,000.00 per month!

Do I have your attention?

In a two-week period from December 1 - 15, the top webcam performer had $7,832.00 in private sessions sales.

In case you didn't know, webcam models are paid based on the amount of time that customers spend with them in private sessions. Each webcam model decides his or her own rate PER MINUTE during those sessions.

(*Note: There is a MINIMUM rate that can be charged. This is done to allow models to make MORE money by keeping less scrupulous people from "low-balling" the price. At times, a lower introductory rate is available to new models for use as a tool to acquire clients.)

Now, I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you that you'll be earning that much money. The top performers have been involved in internet modeling for quite some time and have gained a lot of experience that you probably don't have... yet. And obviously, I don't know you and can't speak as to your personality or work habits. But even if you only make a fraction of that amount, it's still a pretty good chunk of change considering the job requirements.

Just like most businesses, the idea is to charge as much as you think people are willing to spend. So you may be able to charge more and work less, or work more and charge less. It may take a bit of experimenting on your part to find the right balance, but how much you work and what you charge is totally up to you.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, a portion of the money that you earn will be shared with the website owners to compensate them for their own investment in advertising, software development, servers, bandwith, and the other costs associated with maintaining a business. Keep in mind that they are hosting your webcam feed and performer profile for you, with NO STARTUP EXPENSES on your part. Those are all things that you would have to pay for UP FRONT if you were starting a cam company by yourself!

"What's in it for you?"


As an adult webmaster, I get a commission on private session sales. This is why I'm providing you with all of this information. If you do well, I do well. It's just that simple!

Don't worry though, my commission is paid by the webcam site owners. YOU NEVER PAY ME ANYTHING!

"Why can't I just start my own webcam modeling business and cut out the middle man?"

You absolutely can! Seriously, there's not much to stop you if that's what you really want to do. As an experienced webmaster, I can even show you how. Just follow these steps...

  1. Find a commercial grade web host...

    Since every successful website needs THOUSANDS of visitors per day to make money, you'll have to make sure that the web host and hosting plan are good enough to handle that amount traffic. A do-it-yourself $9.95 per month plan just won't do.

    In light of that, since your cam site will be streaming video all day (using LOTS of bandwidth), you will probably need to purchase a server (~$400.00) and rent some rack space(~$150.00/mo.). Hopefully, you know server-side scripting and network management as hiring someone to manage your server (~$125.00/hr.) can seriously cut into your profit margin.

  2. Build your own website by learning HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript, and Flash...

    Actually, knowing some AJAX scripting and Perl wouldn't be a bad idea either, but you could probably get by with just those first six programming languages.

    If you don't have the time it takes to learn those, you could hire a webmaster who already knows them (~$40.00/hr.), but of course that would take another pretty big chunk out of your profits.

  3. Advertise and promote your site to get traffic...

    It's not that hard to learn how to do these things, but there's kind of a catch 22 involved... You can't promote a site that doesn't exist, but for the first few months while you're learning the ropes, your server and advertising costs will be piling up.

    Since, you won't have much time to make money in front of the camera for awhile, make sure you have a few thousand dollars set aside to tide you over. If you do that, you should be just fine.

That's a bit overwhelming, I know. And honestly, that's just the Cliff Notes version. Starting and maintaining a webcam site is a very daunting task, which is why the vast majority of people who try to do it alone, fail.

Think about it... If you knew someone who wanted to be a house painter, but didn't much about painting, would you advise them to buy advertising, insurance, sprayers, ladders, scaffolding, and trucks... THEN learn how to paint? Of course not! It just makes more sense (and is less expensive) to learn by working with someone who already has the tools, experience, and customer base.


  • Computer

    Most any computer made in the last few years will do.

  • Webcam

    Just about any webcam will work, but please reference the next section for more information.

  • High-Speed Internet Connection

    Sorry, but a dial-up connection is not fast enough to stream video.

  • Photo ID

    All webcam associates must be at least 18 years old.

    You need to have a government issued photo ID such as a driver license, passport, etc. As proof of age, you will need to scan or clearly photograph your credentials and send them to the website owners.

    In some cases, it may be necessary to photograph yourself holding the ID next to your face to establish that it's you on the ID.


#1 - Team up with an established webmaster!

This is the single most important thing you can do for your new career!

As mentioned above, if you are signed up with a webmaster's referral code, the webmaster earns a commission based on the number of private session sales. As such, it's in the webmaster's best interest to give you as much exposure as possible in order to earn the highest amount of money.

In the internet business, traffic is king! You can have the best online business in the world, but it's not going to make a dime if it has no visitors! An established webmaster, such as myself, already has the high volume of internet traffic necessary to jump start your earning potential.

Besides, as I've already stated, you NEVER pay me anything! YOU will earn EXACTLY the same percentage whether you team up with me or not! The difference is in the potential amount of sales.

As an established webmaster with 15+ years of experience, I have the resources available to literally force THOUSANDS OF VISITORS to your webcam profile every day! Conversely, when someone goes it alone, they start with no traffic at all, just hoping that someone happens to stumble across their cam.

#2 - Use audio with your webcam broadcast!

It's a fact! Performers who include audio along with their videos make significantly more money than those who don't. Despite that fact, I still see webcam beginners attempting (and failing) to attract customers while not including audio in their webcam show.

When was the last time Hollywood put out a silent movie?

Your clients are just as interested in what they hear as in what they see. Your excitement level is conveyed more accurately through sound and is passed along through the speakers to your customers. The more you are able to thoroughly engage him or her, the more likely it is that they will spend a longer time with you ($$$) and consequently, look for you specifically when they get horny again.

#3 - Invest in the best equipment you can afford!

You have a lot of competition. Having better equipment than your competitors definitely gives you an advantage.

Your first consideration is in making sure that your webcam has a sufficiently high enough resolution and frame rate. The recommended minimum resolution you should consider is 640 pixels wide. The absolute minimum frame rate of your webcam should be NO LESS THAN 30 FPS (Frames Per Second). Anything less than that will appear choppy. As stated, these are minimums. In terms of those numbers, you should aim as high as your situation will allow!

Also... Please don't forget that even the best webcam in the world will output crappy images with insufficient lighting! Fortunately, a couple of table lamps (with shades) will do very nicely here. Ideally, you want to position them BEHIND the webcam to avoid screwing with the cam's light sensors. Using MULTIPLE lamps WITH SHADES will diffuse the light, helping to avoid harsh shadows, which will keep you looking your best on camera ;-)

Another VERY nice webcam feature (if within your budget) is remote controlled tilt/pan/zoom (TPZ). It allows you to wirelessly control where the camera is pointing as if there were another person in the room filming you. These added features can be a bit pricey, but performers who have this type of equipment give their customers the best bang for the buck - something every consumer is looking for.

More of a convenience rather than a necessity, a wireless keyboard and mouse allows you freedom of movement, which gives your clients different views. Also, being able to change positions will improve your overall comfort level, allowing for more time on camera (more $$$) between breaks. Fortunately, they're not very expensive so keep them in mind if you don't already have them.

This is an INVESTMENT in your own home business! Have you ever heard, "You have to spend money to make money?" Even if you eventually decide that webcam modeling is not for you, you'll still have some nice stuff to show for your effort!


This is a BUSINESS opportunity!

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but money is not going to pour out of your computer as soon as you turn on the cam. There's work involved. If it were that easy to make money with webcams, I wouldn't have wasted my time (and yours) by writing down all of this information.

Being a webcam performer is not much different from a sales job except that the product you're marketing, is you! Sure, it's a job where you get to have orgasms, but it's a job just the same ;-)

As with any other sales position, you are getting paid via commissions you EARN from selling your services to clients.

Also, like most sales jobs, there are other "reps" who are trying to grab your sales! You'll have to out work them to get ahead!

Remember - This is YOUR business. You need to take it seriously!

You are about to become a part of the BEST company of it's kind!

When you become a LiveJasmin associate, you're part of the MOST VISITED WEBCAM COMMUNITY in the world!

LiveJasmin has a STELLAR REPUTATION among professional webmasters for paying on time - every time! They have the most visitors because more webmasters trust them.



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